Friendly farmers & their rapeseed oils

Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil

Debbie and Matthew press multi-award winning artisan rapeseed oil. Debbie says: “We need to do all we can to protect and promote the bee population.”

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Duchess Oil

Oscar makes his rapeseed oil on the family farm on the Hertfordshire-Essex border. He says:  “Caring for bees is important because farming and nature should be harmonious.” 

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Farrington’s Mellow Yellow

Father and son duo, Duncan and Robert, farm oilseed rape in Northamptonshire. Duncan says: “bees, and in particular our native wild bee species, are important indicator species to show the general wellbeing of much of the other wildlife around us.”

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Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil

Sam says: “Bees are vitally important to us and we take great care not to harm them in any way. We do not use neonicotinoid seed treatments on our oilseed rape.”

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Pure Kent Rapeseed Oil

Claire and Guy grow rapeseed in the Weald of Kent: “We like seeing bees in the fields and hedges. Bumbles are great fun!

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Hamish Campbell who grows oilseed rape in Gloucestershire and says: “We care about bees because they do a lot of work for us.”

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Yare Valley

Tim and his son William grow oilseed rape on the family farm in Norfolk. Tim says: 

“Bees are a fundamental part of our ecology. It is in no one’s interest, let alone the farmer’s, to harm the bee. 

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