Yare Valley Oils

Tim Mack and his son William run a small farm by the Norfolk Broads. William’s the third generation to work the farm - the family have been working the land for over 100 years. Every year Yare Valley produce 40, 000 litres of cold pressed rapeseed oil which is distributed to delis, small shops and restaurants across Norfolk and the UK. 

Tim says: 

"With reports that using these chemicals on rapeseed is a potential threat to bees, it is not something we are willing to risk."

“These pollinators are unsung heroes who work constantly to help create much of what we see around us in the natural world. Their habits, dancing, flower preferences, worth ethic and lifestyles are fascinating for all generations to learn about.” 

“Bees are a fundamental part of our ecology. It is in no one’s interest, let alone the farmer’s, to harm the bee." 

How Yare Valley keep bees and crops happy without neonicotinoids: 

  • They sow early, before the pests have a chance to settle in 
  • “Cover crops” are planted to stop soil erosion and improve soil quality 
  • Conservation areas along field margins give friendly bugs a home

They also have beekeepers on their land, and sell this wonderful honey in their farm shop. Tim and the family enjoy having our little fuzzy friends buzzing around their farm and believe their work ethic and lifestyle is something we could all learn from. 

Available online and in independent shops throughout Norfolk.

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