Pure Kent Rapeseed Oil

Guy and Claire Eckley and their family farm around 1,400 acres in four locations around Maidstone in Kent. They expect to press over 40,000 litres of oil in the next year. They sell their Pure Kent oil in local stores and farm shops. They also supply Cook, a frozen food retailer who wanted to swap their oil ingredients to British. 

Claire said: “Bees are suffering a 'perfect storm' of challenges at the moment, from climate change and habitat destruction to pests. More work needs to be done on the effects of neonicotinoids on bees. But let’s give them the best chance we can by avoiding neonic seed treatments on oilseed rape.” 

Guy and Claire are champions of sustainable farming methods including: 

  • grow “cover crops” instead of leaving the soil bare to prevent soil erosion, store carbon and provide a nice home for creatures during the cold winter months. 
  • plant rapeseed with a “companion crop” such as clover - this doesn’t just sound friendly – it adds nitrogen to the soil and feeds the oilseed rape. 

The Eckleys have also got around 50 acres of hedge and field margin on the farm, which is great for wildlife and provides birds and animals with plenty of juicy berries to eat.

Available locally in independent retailers and farmers markets in Kent.

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