Duchess oil

Oscar Harding’s family have been farming in Hertfordshire for six generations. On their 500 acre farm, they produce around 50, 000 litres of rapeseed oil a year, which they sell to local stores and restaurants in Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Oscar says: 

“Caring for bees is important because farming and nature should be harmonious. I’ve chosen not to use bee-harming neonics on my oilseed rape for the sake of the bees.” 

Oscar’s cows like rapeseed too. When oilseed rape is pressed, only half of it is extracted as oil - the rest is a yummy (for cows) nutritious waste product called “cake” which Oscar feeds to his Dexter cattle. To neatly complete the cycle, the waste from the cattle is use as fertiliser for the rapeseed crop. 

Oscar sows his rapeseed early, so the crop is quick to get established and less affected by pests. He also encourages wildlife all around the farm, including leaving plenty of uncultivated areas, creating a butterfly sanctuary and putting up owl boxes. When can we visit?

Available online, and locally in independent retailers around Hertfordshire and Essex.

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