Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil

This family-run farm in Somerset produces around 8,000 litres of cold-pressed rapeseed oil every year, supplying independent retail and catering outlets in Bath and the surrounding counties.

Debbie Keeling, who runs the farm with her husband and father-in-law says:

Bees are our future. We need to do all we can to protect and promote the bee population in the UK countryside, which is why we won't be using neonicotinoid seed treatments on our oilseed rape.”

Debbie’s top two pest control tips:

  • sow the rapeseed early to give it a head-start before pests appear;
  • use pest traps in your fields so you spot them straight away;

To make their farm as inviting as possible for bees, they leave uncultivated margins and hedges around the fields to encourage wildlife to thrive (including any that will feed on pests). They also include winter beans in their crop rotation, which make bees and other insects very happy.

Available online, and locally in independent retailers in Bath and surrounding counties.

Visit Bath Harvest website →